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Your Outcomes Well is a blog which will publish informative and insightful posts for leaders of non-profit organizations. The blog’s posts will explore three themes:

  • Leadership which embraces Best Practices
  • Transformative Tools and Techniques (promoting better outcomes, not the status quo)
  • Working ‘for the Good’.  Issues relevant to non-profit leaders, directors, & managers at organizations where purpose, not profits, is paramount.

This blog was launched, in the Summer of 2015, by four siblings who saw one thing: The untapped potential of Non-profit Leaders, using ordinary tools to do extraordinary work. How do we know this?

  • Well it all started with watching and listening to our sister, a Director for a Housing-based Non-Profit in NC.  We saw her triumphs, but we also knew of the areas of her business where she struggled to be more efficient and productive.  What gradually evolved next was a melding of each of us: An IT/Software professional, a Financial Analyst, and a Supply Logistics specialist with the passion and purpose of an Executive Director – at a successful Non-Profit which was trying to be better, smarter, and faster.  The blog you’re reading now is one of the outcomes of this process.

The Non-Profits we envision writing for marry business technique and technology. They do what they do better.  They do it with more decisive impact, clearly documented outcomes, and best business practices.  In a nutshell, better outcomes flow from best practices. Your Outcomes Well will regularly highlight and encourage such practices.

  • Are the technologies and techniques you are using now serving you and your organization well?  Some try to use a thimble, when a glass or large bucket is really required!
  • How you do what you do affects how far you’ll go.

iStock_000012107972_Small_waterstreamThe STORIES of successful, emerging Non-profit leaders will be showcased on Your Outcomes Well.  The core, weekly posts will use a Share/Learn/Grow structure.

  • Share: Stories are memorable and often quite revealing. These posts will start with a story which foretells a situation, challenge, or opportunity.   In the bible, Jesus taught lessons through parables.  In the nonprofit sector, we know that many Leaders have compelling stories which offer inspiring food for thought.
  • Learn: Lessons that the leader learned as a result of their experience.   How did they handle (or mishandle) the situation they were in?      In the shared stories of non-profit leaders, Your Outcomes Well will explore many mission-advancing Principles.
  • Grow: How the lessons, cited in the post, can be used by other Leaders – to grow their organizations too.  Better organizational outcomes, in terms of efficiencies and effectiveness, are achieved when wise Leaders re-apply the right lessons.

Your Outcomes Well

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  1. Jeff Silverthorne said:

    Looking forward to the stories.

    July 7, 2015
  2. Sofia S Crisp said:

    Love it!

    July 9, 2015
  3. Shanell Smaw said:

    Can’t wait to read the posts! This sounds so exciting!

    July 10, 2015

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