Have you sought to conduct a major fundraising campaign in the past year? In this post, Leah Lamb offers nuanced insight into the best way to successfully solicit major gifts for your non-profit. If major campaigns aren’t rushed or starved for resources, they can be very fruitful.


Leah Lamb

If you’re seeking to conduct a big campaign, you’ll need to solicit major gifts. To get major gifts for your non-profit, you should take the following 4 steps, namely:

  • Introduce
  • Cultivate
  • Educate
  • Solicit

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Non-profit fundraising




Who donates to a Non-profit and who doesn’t?  What moves donors to donate?  Leah Lamb, in the 3rd post in this Series, shares the three things she regularly strives to do to successfully motivate people to give.  

Fundraising should rarely be done by a single person (or department) within a non-profit organization. To put it simply, Lone Rangers rarely flourish.

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