Leadership Keys

Leadership Keys


Given the wide range of skills and backgrounds to be ideally found at a meeting of Board members and the Executive Director, a well-led non-profit makes sure these men and women harmoniously complement one another.  In this post, Toni Jackson explores how the Executive Director and Board members are stronger working together. Working apart is avoided whenever possible. The odd coupling of gifts within some non-profit organizations can allow them to thrive where others would simply struggle.

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“No man will make a great leader who wants to do it all himself, or to get all the credit for doing it.”

Andrew Carnegie

Lead: Delegate, Motivate, and Appreciate

LINK: My Non-profit Journey: Successes I’ve Achieved (Sofia Crisp)

“For myself, I can say that I am ‘coachable’.  I am not afraid to say I don’t know something.  I’m willing to find the person, or people, who do have the knowledge or expertise required.  You might call this an ‘I don’t know now’ mindset.  To put it simply, as a situation presents itself I learn from others I’ve sought out”.

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Leadership Keys

Leadership Keys




Fundraising is very important to the sustainability of most non-profit organizations. As noted in an earlier series: No money, no mission.  In this post, Leah Lamb offers insight into successfully conducting campaigns.  She explores these in the context of earlier posts in this Your Outcomes Well series.  Going the wrong way, as a fundraiser seeks to raise funds the right way, can block a non-profit’s success.


Leah Lamb

In this Series I’ve tried to offer some insight into an area I’ve worked in for many years: Fundraising. As important as knowing what to do, to be a successful fundraiser, is also knowing what not to do. Routinely making mistakes or falling into traps are signs of an ineffectual fundraising operation.

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Non-profits: Better Outcomes Starting a Non-profit


The decisions which a Leader consciously makes, to not do something, can be quite revealing of his or her leadership talents. In this Series post, Delquanda Turner offers another True Leadership quality; in her last post, the 6 Qualities of True Leadership were explored by her.  In this post, a 7th Quality of such non-profit and community leaders will be shared.

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Non-profit Leadership Non-profits: Better Outcomes

Non-profit fundraising Non-profits: Better Outcomes

Non-profit fundraising Starting a Non-profit