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It takes more than passion to be a true leader. Listening and loyalty are also important.  Delquanda S. Turner has personally observed qualities which I feel represent true leadership.

Those seven (7) leadership qualities are:

  1. The ability to go beyond just leading staff members.
  2. Avoid placing your own expectations on a community.
  3. Be a good listener.
  4. Be able to talk real talk to those in the community.
  5. Passion is so very important.
  6. Be loyal and dedicated.
  7. Learn to just Say No when necessary.

These qualities are fully explored in two posts in the Series:

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Non-profit Leadership

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Robin Morgan

Unconditional Service: Robin Morgan’s Non-profit Mission

I was raised to be, not a servant, but a person who is willing to serve unconditionally.   And the good Lord didn’t put you here to just make money, to just be a family.   He put you here to leave a legacy.

And that can be knowledge, that can be money, that can be service. To me, it’s service.  The more [people] I can connect with, the more people I can connect.   I thrive on that!”

Unconditional Service: Robin Morgan’s Non-profit Mission

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Non-profit Leadership


Sofia Crisp

Executive Director, Housing Consultants Group

“My journey started as a leap of faith and is now my passion! Seeing that box in the corner of my friend’s office moved me to think ‘out of the box’ – and launch, manage, and grow the non-profit organization I lead today . . . I have a great team of employees, contractors, and Board members that have allowed me to grow HCG to what it is today.  This was not a one-woman journey”.

“While I didn’t think the journey would be easy, I had no idea how hard it would be! Do I have any regrets? No, none. The journey has been a mixture joy, pain, successes and failures. Every emotion necessary has been experienced; it’s part of why I believe the organization has been successful.”

Why I Started My Non-Profit (Sofia S Crisp)

Why I Started My Non-Profit (Sofia S Crisp)

Working ‘in your Gift’

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Collaborations and Partnerships

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Non-profit Leadership