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Link: Collaborations and Partnerships: My Non-profit Journey (Sofia Crisp)

Each new stage of a non-profit organization’s growth requires, I feel, a strategic re-channeling of the organization’s energy. Quite simply, the startup vision which allowed the non-profit to take root, and emerge as a viable venture, can lose its impact once the organization is up and running. I’ve seen too many accomplished, visionary leaders taken ‘out of the game’ by underestimating the virtue of collaboration as they grow. Much like Shakepeare’s Julius Caesar, they have a character flaw which holds them back. As the funds for nonprofits continue to decrease, the need for partnering and collaborating has become a necessity”.

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If you have the right people at the table, when you plan new community services, you’ll be much more effective.  In this post, Delquanda Turner shares who should be involved in the early planning phase – those you serve (your constituents) and, ideally, other partner organizations.

  • Taking a broad-based approach to planning is, Turner feels, the way to go.  Choosing a ‘go it alone’ approach isn’t.

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Are you willing to collaborate with other non-profits?   If you aren’t, Sofia S. Crisp feels you may be missing the boat.  In this Series, My Non-profit Journey: What I Wish I Knew When I Started, eight leadership wishes shared by Sofia Crisp with Your Outcomes Well have been explored.  In this post she shares her thoughts on the profound potential of partnering.  ‘Going it alone’ isn’t the only way to go.

  • Crisp is the Executive Director/Founder of Housing Consultants Group, Greensboro NC.
  • This blog post will explore: Collaboration and Partnering

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