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Unconditional Service: Robin Morgan’s Non-profit Mission

I was raised to be, not a servant, but a person who is willing to serve unconditionally.   And the good Lord didn’t put you here to just make money, to just be a family.   He put you here to leave a legacy.

And that can be knowledge, that can be money, that can be service. To me, it’s service.  The more [people] I can connect with, the more people I can connect.   I thrive on that!”

Unconditional Service: Robin Morgan’s Non-profit Mission

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Who donates to a Non-profit and who doesn’t?  What moves donors to donate?  Leah Lamb, in the 3rd post in this Series, shares the three things she regularly strives to do to successfully motivate people to give.  

Fundraising should rarely be done by a single person (or department) within a non-profit organization. To put it simply, Lone Rangers rarely flourish.

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As we talked with Leah Y. Lamb in mid-March, the Chief Development Officer’s insight into fundraising, nonprofit management, communications, & donor relations was hard to hide.  In her leadership position at the See Forever Foundation & Maya Angelou Schools (Charter) in Washington, D.C. since 2013, Lamb spoke eloquently on several non-profit issues.

  • Our 4th blog Series, which begins today with this post, will strive to capture several of the strategies, views, and thoughts shared by Lamb. This post will help you understand the non-profit journey of this seasoned fundraising professional.


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