When Your Outcomes Well met with Donna Newton, we knew she was a leader in the Greensboro area’s Non-Profit community.  While some who are called leaders are really glorified managers, Donna isn’t one of them!  She’s a true leader.  In this new Series, we’ll share the hardworking, humble woman’s thoughtful insights into a wide range of important issues facing most Professionals and Executive Directors in the Non-profit sector.

  • Today’s post, the first in this Series, aims to help you understand the community-critical work Donna Newton has done tirelessly in Central NC since 2002.  Doing “meaningful” work, and successfully motivating people, is at the core of what this wise leader does.  She entered the Non-profit arena 15 years ago, after working thirty years in the corporate world.  

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Non-profit Leadership

As we talked with Leah Y. Lamb in mid-March, the Chief Development Officer’s insight into fundraising, nonprofit management, communications, & donor relations was hard to hide.  In her leadership position at the See Forever Foundation & Maya Angelou Schools (Charter) in Washington, D.C. since 2013, Lamb spoke eloquently on several non-profit issues.

  • Our 4th blog Series, which begins today with this post, will strive to capture several of the strategies, views, and thoughts shared by Lamb. This post will help you understand the non-profit journey of this seasoned fundraising professional.


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As we talked with Delquanda Turner in mid-January, the community manager’s passion for engaging the community and families was refreshing and clearly heart-felt.  Her insight into community planning, effective leadership, and non-profit organizations was hard to hide.  As Community Planning Manager for the Juvenile Welfare Board in Central Florida, Turner spoke eloquently on several non-profit and community issues.

The gems the Your Outcomes Well Team gleamed from Turner, during this conversation, are the seeds for our 3rd blog Series – which begins today with this post.

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