Branding is the culmination of everything that you do . . . You have to make customers care and make them realize that they need your service in their everyday lives. A brand is key to communicating your unique value and building a loyal and consistent customer base.”

LeVon Lewis


“Do what you have always done and

you’ll get what you have always got.”

Sue Knight

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Leadership Keys

With effective marketing and branding, a non-profit organization is better able to accomplish it’s Mission and achieve sustainability.  In this post Leah Lamb shares insights, gained over many years, to help non-profit leaders optimally market and brand their organizations.



Leah Lamb

While many large non-profits get marketing and branding right, I think that the vast majority of small and mid-sized non-profit organizations don’t. What separates the non-profits that do from the ones that don’t?   It depends, I’ve observed over the years, on these things: Leadership, tapping into their resources, and having an entrepreneurial spirit. Again, many large non-profits do a great job with marketing and branding, in most cases because they’ve budgeted for these things. Some in fact do as good a job as large companies like Coca Cola, Frito-Lay, and other major brands in this area.

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