Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.”

James Baldwin


Your challenges: Face them, don’t deny them

LINK: The Life of a Non-profit: Growth & Growing Pains (Robin Morgan)

“A lot of non-profits hit the middle stage of growth – and the vexing growing pains which go with it . . . Some organizations grow to this stage, suffer growing pains, and then get stuck! They reach a plateau, a middle stage plateau, and stay stuck there. They never move forward. Some non-profits, however, do move forward.”

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Non-profit Leadership Non-profits: Better Outcomes


With the growth of a non-profit come changes, some unexpected, and growing pains.  As Sofia Crisp shares in this post, leaders of emerging non-profits should ‘be careful what they ask for’.  If a growing non-profit organization’s resources are at risk of being overwhelmed, a leader will have capacity challenge on their hands.

In this Series, My Non-profit Journey: What I Wish I Knew When I Started, eight leadership wishes shared by Sofia Crisp with Your Outcomes Well are being explored.

  • Crisp is the Executive Director/Founder of Housing Consultants Group, Greensboro NC.
  • This blog post will explore: Growing Pains for Growing Non-profits.

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