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It takes more than passion to be a true leader. Listening and loyalty are also important.  Delquanda S. Turner has personally observed qualities which I feel represent true leadership.

Those seven (7) leadership qualities are:

  1. The ability to go beyond just leading staff members.
  2. Avoid placing your own expectations on a community.
  3. Be a good listener.
  4. Be able to talk real talk to those in the community.
  5. Passion is so very important.
  6. Be loyal and dedicated.
  7. Learn to just Say No when necessary.

These qualities are fully explored in two posts in the Series:

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Non-profit Leadership


If you have the right people at the table, when you plan new community services, you’ll be much more effective.  In this post, Delquanda Turner shares who should be involved in the early planning phase – those you serve (your constituents) and, ideally, other partner organizations.

  • Taking a broad-based approach to planning is, Turner feels, the way to go.  Choosing a ‘go it alone’ approach isn’t.

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Non-profits: Better Outcomes

Non-profits: Better Outcomes Starting a Non-profit


The decisions which a Leader consciously makes, to not do something, can be quite revealing of his or her leadership talents. In this Series post, Delquanda Turner offers another True Leadership quality; in her last post, the 6 Qualities of True Leadership were explored by her.  In this post, a 7th Quality of such non-profit and community leaders will be shared.

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Non-profit Leadership Non-profits: Better Outcomes



It takes more than passion to be a true leader.  Listening and loyalty are also important.  In this post, Delquanda Turner sheds light on what six qualities she sees in those she feels are practicing true leadership.  In the Grow section, additional perspectives on leadership, for those working for non-profits and community organizations, are offered.

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Non-profit Leadership

As we talked with Delquanda Turner in mid-January, the community manager’s passion for engaging the community and families was refreshing and clearly heart-felt.  Her insight into community planning, effective leadership, and non-profit organizations was hard to hide.  As Community Planning Manager for the Juvenile Welfare Board in Central Florida, Turner spoke eloquently on several non-profit and community issues.

The gems the Your Outcomes Well Team gleamed from Turner, during this conversation, are the seeds for our 3rd blog Series – which begins today with this post.

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Non-profit Leadership