I’m acting as if it is so, even though it ain’t so,

in order for it to be so”.

Delman Coates, Ph.D.

In order to grow, in order to (hopefully) succeed, a Non-profit Leader needs to believe – in their self and their organization’s goal-driven plans. Those who wholeheartedly BELIEVE tend to thrive. Those who, on the other hand, are fervent Doubters are likely destined to flounder, not flourish. It’s that simple folks! Even with a great Mission and rock-solid resources (financial & human), a lackluster Executive Director who isn’t a believer is not likely to be an effectual Achiever either.

  • The ‘better outcomes‘ they seek may never come to be. The mission of the non-profit they lead may remain unaccomplished.
  • Passion, however deep it is, can not be allowed to be dampened by doubt. Doubt should be starved, not fed.

I’m acting as if it is so, even though it ain’t so, in order for it to be so”.

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Non-profits: Better Outcomes

Toni Jackson

When asked about her personal mission, Toni Jackson replied it includes “empathizing, embracing, enhancing, educating and empowering . . . My approach to volunteerism is the same as my approach to a paid position.  I give it my all!”.  

My work ethic comes from my parents, who were inspired by the words of Martin Luther King, Jr: “Everybody can be great. Because anybody can serve. You don’t have to have a college degree to serve. You don’t have to make your subject and your verb agree to serve. . . . You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love.”

Community Service & Volunteering Avail Much

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Non-profits: Better Outcomes

Non-profits: Better Outcomes

With effective marketing and branding, a non-profit organization is better able to accomplish it’s Mission and achieve sustainability.  In this post Leah Lamb shares insights, gained over many years, to help non-profit leaders optimally market and brand their organizations.



Leah Lamb

While many large non-profits get marketing and branding right, I think that the vast majority of small and mid-sized non-profit organizations don’t. What separates the non-profits that do from the ones that don’t?   It depends, I’ve observed over the years, on these things: Leadership, tapping into their resources, and having an entrepreneurial spirit. Again, many large non-profits do a great job with marketing and branding, in most cases because they’ve budgeted for these things. Some in fact do as good a job as large companies like Coca Cola, Frito-Lay, and other major brands in this area.

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Non-profits: Better Outcomes




Who donates to a Non-profit and who doesn’t?  What moves donors to donate?  Leah Lamb, in the 3rd post in this Series, shares the three things she regularly strives to do to successfully motivate people to give.  

Fundraising should rarely be done by a single person (or department) within a non-profit organization. To put it simply, Lone Rangers rarely flourish.

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Non-profit fundraising Non-profits: Better Outcomes

Non-profits: Better Outcomes


If you have the right people at the table, when you plan new community services, you’ll be much more effective.  In this post, Delquanda Turner shares who should be involved in the early planning phase – those you serve (your constituents) and, ideally, other partner organizations.

  • Taking a broad-based approach to planning is, Turner feels, the way to go.  Choosing a ‘go it alone’ approach isn’t.

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Non-profits: Better Outcomes

Non-profits: Better Outcomes Starting a Non-profit


The decisions which a Leader consciously makes, to not do something, can be quite revealing of his or her leadership talents. In this Series post, Delquanda Turner offers another True Leadership quality; in her last post, the 6 Qualities of True Leadership were explored by her.  In this post, a 7th Quality of such non-profit and community leaders will be shared.

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Non-profit Leadership Non-profits: Better Outcomes

Non-profit fundraising Non-profits: Better Outcomes