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It takes more than passion to be a true leader. Listening and loyalty are also important.  Delquanda S. Turner has personally observed qualities which I feel represent true leadership.

Those seven (7) leadership qualities are:

  1. The ability to go beyond just leading staff members.
  2. Avoid placing your own expectations on a community.
  3. Be a good listener.
  4. Be able to talk real talk to those in the community.
  5. Passion is so very important.
  6. Be loyal and dedicated.
  7. Learn to just Say No when necessary.

These qualities are fully explored in two posts in the Series:

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In this final Series post, Leah Lamb offers a few additional fundraising insights, including: Rainmakers are rare; approaching all generations of people (e.g. Millennials and Baby Boomers) the same way is unwise.  In this post, Lamb will explore the role of boards, in effective fundraising, and the importance of understanding each generation’s distinct preferences – when supporting a non-profit organization or cause.

Leah Y. Lamb works for the See Forever Foundation & Maya Angelou Schools.  As I mused on what to write in this introduction, I wondered this: Why are the schools named for Dr. Angelou? According to their website, the school-supporting See Forever Foundation was opened in 1997 as “a comprehensive program for 20 teens”. They sponsored a school-naming contest. The winning student essay, written by Sherti Hendrix, was powerful! It states:

The students of See Forever need a school name that represents the power and the importance of education. I think our charter school should be named after Dr. Maya Angelou . . . like [her] when she was a child, See Forever students have had a lot of problems, too. We have problems in our neighborhoods, our homes, and inside of ourselves. But like Dr. Angelou, the students of See Forever are using hard work and education to create a new future”.

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