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Have you sought to conduct a major fundraising campaign in the past year? In this post, Leah Lamb offers nuanced insight into the best way to successfully solicit major gifts for your non-profit. If major campaigns aren’t rushed or starved for resources, they can be very fruitful.


Leah Lamb

If you’re seeking to conduct a big campaign, you’ll need to solicit major gifts. To get major gifts for your non-profit, you should take the following 4 steps, namely:

  • Introduce
  • Cultivate
  • Educate
  • Solicit

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Leadership Keys

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Robin Morgan

Unconditional Service: Robin Morgan’s Non-profit Mission

I was raised to be, not a servant, but a person who is willing to serve unconditionally.   And the good Lord didn’t put you here to just make money, to just be a family.   He put you here to leave a legacy.

And that can be knowledge, that can be money, that can be service. To me, it’s service.  The more [people] I can connect with, the more people I can connect.   I thrive on that!”

Unconditional Service: Robin Morgan’s Non-profit Mission

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