With effective marketing and branding, a non-profit organization is better able to accomplish it’s Mission and achieve sustainability.  In this post Leah Lamb shares insights, gained over many years, to help non-profit leaders optimally market and brand their organizations.



Leah Lamb

While many large non-profits get marketing and branding right, I think that the vast majority of small and mid-sized non-profit organizations don’t. What separates the non-profits that do from the ones that don’t?   It depends, I’ve observed over the years, on these things: Leadership, tapping into their resources, and having an entrepreneurial spirit. Again, many large non-profits do a great job with marketing and branding, in most cases because they’ve budgeted for these things. Some in fact do as good a job as large companies like Coca Cola, Frito-Lay, and other major brands in this area.

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Non-profits: Better Outcomes

There is a difference between being a leader and being a boss.  Both are based on authority.   A boss demands blind obedience; a leader earns his authority through understanding and trust.”  ~ Klaus Balkenhol


Beyond being just a boss

Link (Fast Company): The Four Capacities Every Great Leader Needs (and Very Few Have) 

“Over the last dozen years . . . , I’ve worked with scores of CEOs and senior executives to help them build more engaged, high performance cultures by energizing their employees.  Along the way, I’ve landed on four key capacities that show up, to one degree or another, in the most inspiring leaders I’ve met . . . All four capacities are grounded in one overarching insight.  Great leaders recognize that the best way to get the highest value is to give the highest value.” [Emphasis added]  Tony Schwartz

  • Those who have the 4 on-target capabilities offered by Schwartz surely go BEYOND being just a Boss. They are Leaders.   

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Leadership Keys