A mission is a terrible thing to waste. However worthwhile an organization’s mission, without funds a non-profit can’t operate.  In this post Leah Lamb shares four (4) fundraising mistakes a non-profit should strive not to make.  

Effective, successful fundraisers understand the mistake-prone areas she cites and generally avoid falling into the traps they present.


Leah Lamb

I’ve shared, in my last two posts, the key to thriving as a fundraiser. In this post I thought I’d address the success-blocking mistakes that I’ve observed in my 25+ years working in the non-profit sector. If you make these four (4) mistakes regularly, you’ll likely be surviving – not thriving.

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Sofia Crisp

Executive Director, Housing Consultants Group

“My journey started as a leap of faith and is now my passion! Seeing that box in the corner of my friend’s office moved me to think ‘out of the box’ – and launch, manage, and grow the non-profit organization I lead today . . . I have a great team of employees, contractors, and Board members that have allowed me to grow HCG to what it is today.  This was not a one-woman journey”.

“While I didn’t think the journey would be easy, I had no idea how hard it would be! Do I have any regrets? No, none. The journey has been a mixture joy, pain, successes and failures. Every emotion necessary has been experienced; it’s part of why I believe the organization has been successful.”

Why I Started My Non-Profit (Sofia S Crisp)

Why I Started My Non-Profit (Sofia S Crisp)

Working ‘in your Gift’

Challenges I’ve Faced – Challenges I’ve Faced (Part 2)

Building the Right Board

Successes I’ve Achieved

My Non-profit Journey: Avoiding Mission Creep

Growing Pains

Time Management

Collaborations and Partnerships

Sofia Crisp: Where Do We Go From Here?

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Non-profit Leadership

Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.”

James Baldwin


Your challenges: Face them, don’t deny them

LINK: The Life of a Non-profit: Growth & Growing Pains (Robin Morgan)

“A lot of non-profits hit the middle stage of growth – and the vexing growing pains which go with it . . . Some organizations grow to this stage, suffer growing pains, and then get stuck! They reach a plateau, a middle stage plateau, and stay stuck there. They never move forward. Some non-profits, however, do move forward.”

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Leadership Keys




Who donates to a Non-profit and who doesn’t?  What moves donors to donate?  Leah Lamb, in the 3rd post in this Series, shares the three things she regularly strives to do to successfully motivate people to give.  

Fundraising should rarely be done by a single person (or department) within a non-profit organization. To put it simply, Lone Rangers rarely flourish.

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