A non-profit’s sustainability is greatly benefited when they can fundraise successfully.  

In this post, Leah Lamb shares what allows fundraisers to be highly effective.  Her experience as a seasoned professional allows her to clearly capture what allows fundraisers to go beyond just surviving – and thrive.


Leah Lamb

What qualities and factors explain the success of the best fundraisers?  I’ve worked in the non-profit sector for over 25 years. I would cite five habits which allow the best fundraisers to flourish.

  1. Connecting with people. In general, fundraising is people driven. As I noted in my last post, people generally give to people, not causes or organizations. A fundraiser who isn’t able to connect well with others isn’t generally going to do too well. In getting an organization’s message across, a good fundraiser is able to compel people to get involved and give.

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Non-profit fundraising

Leadership Keys

Non-profits: Better Outcomes

As we talked with Leah Y. Lamb in mid-March, the Chief Development Officer’s insight into fundraising, nonprofit management, communications, & donor relations was hard to hide.  In her leadership position at the See Forever Foundation & Maya Angelou Schools (Charter) in Washington, D.C. since 2013, Lamb spoke eloquently on several non-profit issues.

  • Our 4th blog Series, which begins today with this post, will strive to capture several of the strategies, views, and thoughts shared by Lamb. This post will help you understand the non-profit journey of this seasoned fundraising professional.


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Non-profit fundraising

Leadership Keys


If you have the right people at the table, when you plan new community services, you’ll be much more effective.  In this post, Delquanda Turner shares who should be involved in the early planning phase – those you serve (your constituents) and, ideally, other partner organizations.

  • Taking a broad-based approach to planning is, Turner feels, the way to go.  Choosing a ‘go it alone’ approach isn’t.

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Non-profits: Better Outcomes